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Places To Visit In Bursa With The Bursa Tour From Istanbul

Places To Visit In Bursa With The Bursa Tour From Istanbul

Bursa is one of the most famouse city to visit in Turkey. It is also know as Green Bursa and the city offers lots of things to do. Here is the most popular things to do in Bursa in a day, if you think to to the Greenest Bursa Tour From Istanbul in a day.

The most attractions to visit  and to do in Bursa are: Cable car (Climbup or down to/from Uludag Mountain ) · Green Mosque and Green Tomb (Symbol of Bursa), Ferry journey (Excellent nature one the way of Bursa), Uludag Mountain (Greate Natural Park to visit) and also historical sites to discover Green Mosque, Green Tomb, Ottoman House. 600 years old plane tree (Breaking on the way for taking picture.)

After departing from your hotel with the pick up service, here is the tour step by step!

  1. Ferry Journey From Istanbul: the journey is one of the best part of the tour that  ferry sightseeing and experience of the view of Istanbul from the Marmara see.
  2. Sightseeing by bus after ferry to bursa that enjoying the natural beauty on the way of bursa : Before the experiences of Bursa city, you will have the experiences of the sea side and rural area of Yalova and Bursa.
  3. Climbing up to Uludag Mountain by Cheir Lift: This is exellent taste the natural view and journey to Climbing up to Uludag mountain by bus and cheir lat the peak of the Mountain (2543.)
  4. Discovery the Uludag Mountain within the Free Time: Walk and discovery of mountain on your own and experience the nature.
  5. Visiting the historical sites: Green Mosque, Green Tomb, Ottoman House, 600 years old Breaking on the way for taking picture.

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