Bursa Tour is available from Istanbul everyday.

Full Day Green Bursa Day Trip From Istanbul Full Day Tour

Bursa Tour: It is a full day tour from Istanbul to the first capital city of Ottoman Empire, Bursa. This tour is one of the excellent tour option to discover the nature and historical sites in Bursa. Bursa City has the culture, history and heritage of Ottoman and it is one of rich city. It is worth to visit during a holiday in Istanbul:
The day trip from Istanbul to Bursa is available everyday. You may join one day and visit the beauty, history, culture and nature in the city of Bursa and return to your hotel in Istanbul during a day.

Tour Information

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Available Days: Every Day,Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Tuesday,Friday,Saturday
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  • Experience the guided group tour of Green Bursa.
  • Experience of the car ferry which you will have the chance to watc the city of Istanbul from sea side.
  • Experience of the feeding the seagulls while using the car ferry from Istanbul to Yalova.
  • Use the cable car and Experience the watching watch the city as a bird.
  • Having a cap of tea under the pine tree, experience the hospitality.
  • Experience the barbecue lunch on the mountain.
  • Being in a most natural city and refresh your self for a year.
Day By Day

Bursa Tour: Full Day Green Bursa Day Trip From Istanbul

Tour starting: 08:30 - 09:00 departing from Istanbul with pick up service
Tour ending: 20:00 - 21:00 return to hotel with off service

Tour Itinerary

Pleaces to visit: Green Tomb (Yesil Turbe), Olympos Mountain (Uludag), 600 Years Old Pine Tree.

Brief Info About Tour

Tour will be departed from your location with pick up service.

The Tour will be following steps will be done during the day.

  • Car Ferry From Istanbul To Yalova: It is ferry sightseeing and experience of the view of Istanbul from the Marmara see.
  • Bus Sightseeing From Yalova to Bursa: Before the experiences of Bursa city, you will have the experiences of the sea side and rural area of Yalova and Bursa.
  • Cheir Lift: Climbing up to mountain by bus and cheir lat the peak of the Mountain (2543.)
  • Free Time On Top Of Uludag Mountain: Walk and discovery of mountain on your own and experience the nature.
  • Visiting the Green Social Complex: Green Mosque, Green Tomb, Ottoman House, Silk Market, Breaking on the way for taking picture.
  • Lunch: It is in the local restaurants on the mountain's skirts (800m).
  • Shopping: Bursa is know with one of the largest manufacturing sector of the Turkey. So for the reason you may have the opportunities to things from manufacturing places: Turkish Delight Manufacturing, Honey manufacturing, Silk Bazaar and (600 years old Antique Turkish Bath).

At the end of the tour: The return journey will be started to back Istanbul.

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Comments of Bursa Tour: Full Day Green Bursa Day Trip From Istanbul
312 Reviews
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Azeam Amaan

A very nice bursa tour that we enjoyed. Started with a transportation; was nice and they picked us up from the hotel. Food, cable chair ride for Uludag Mountain in Bursa, Ferry journey, sightseeing on the way, amazing view amazing. Excellent experience recommend this tour to every one who like nature.

Reviewed 2023-05-22 11:41:39
Karanna Batt

Enjoyable, excellent sightseeing to go bursa from Istanbul. The tour and guide in the tour was excellent. I enjoyed and ed to nature. Thanks.

Reviewed 2023-05-18 07:15:53

We enjoyed the bursa day trip. Thank you. All the best for all your help to spend a good day out of Istanbul, will recommend your service.

Reviewed 2023-05-15 13:08:41

We have done an excellent tour, the nature in bursa was excellent.

Reviewed 2021-03-31 08:42:43
Aston Matthews

Enjoyable day trip from Istanbul to Bursa: We join while in Istanbul and went to Bursa within a group it was nice day tour and city of Bursa should be visited during a holiday. Everything was excellend from beginning to end of the tour. With my family we have got great experiences in our bursa tour. Recommend.

Reviewed 2019-04-20 11:11:56

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